Sunday, August 19, 2007

Feeding birds / Alimentar pájaros

I’ve mentioned that I’m a birder, and that the birds here are very attractive and at times frustrating to identify. I’m not the only person in Quibdó who loves the birds here, but I may be the only one who puts out food for them. I’m certainly the only one I know. At home we feed the birds, and we don’t fool ourselves—we do it for ourselves, because we love to see them and watch their behavior around the feeders. It’s the same here—there’s plenty for the birds to eat; the don’t need what I give them. But this way, I get to see them, and their interactions, right outside my window.

On a low wall outside my room I put ripe bananas and plantains, and it’s certainly working. I’ve had eight species of birds come to eat. I try to put out fresh fruit at night, and in the morning they are very active and even aggressive with each other. It’s not a huge variety, but they are some very beautiful birds. Once the meat of the fruit is entirely gone, the peel quickly disappears over the edge of the wall.

He mencionado que soy pajarero, y que los pájaros aquí son atractivos y a veces me frustro al intentar identificarlos. No soy la única persona en Quibdó que ama los pájaros acá, pero es posible que sea la única que les da alimento. Por cierto, no conozco a otra. En casa, alimentamos a los pájaros, y no nos engañamos—lo hacemos para nosotros mismos, porque nos gusta verlos y observar su actuar a los alimentadores. Es igual acá—hay bastante comida para los pájaros; no les hace falta lo que les doy. Pero de esta manera, logro ver los, y sus interacciones, justo al otro lado de mi ventana.

Sobre una pared baja fuera del cuarto, pongo plátanos y bananos maduros, y seguramente funciona. He tenido ocho especies de pájaros venir a comer. Intento poner fruta fresca por la noche, y por la mañana son muy activos y hasta agresivos con los demás. No es una variedad muy grande, pero son unos pajaritos muy lindos. Una vez que se acaba la carne de la fruta, la cáscara muy rápida desaparece, la sacan de la pared.


Jim Miller said...

Since the feeders in our Cleveland Heights, Ohio backyard were overrun this summer by at least 25 pigeons, and other fairly large birds, I switched to Nyjer seed and some suet. Now we are feeding finches and a few goldfinches. Yesterday, I was watching as the rain pelted down (4.8 inches from afternoon to afternoon) and I saw three finches on feeders, but not feeding. They were sheltering under the bowls of the feeders. Somehow it was touching.

Reading your blog leads me to think again and again how our world is one. Not an original thought, but then it is really less a thought than a feeling.


Jim Miller

Paula said...

This evening's tropical weather in NE Ohio reminds me of my February 1998 trip to Costa Rica. I remember how amazed I was at the birds feeding on left-over food. Try rice, too, and let us know if it attracts any additional species.